Casting spells, setting intentions

When I took a spell casting workshop with Adrienne Maree Brown at the Allied Media Conference last spring I had no idea what to expect when I showed up. I only knew that I hadn’t slept well because of work and world-related stress and that I needed some healing.

What struck me was how she said she came to spell writing. She said that she’d grown up Christian, but when she left the church, she came to realize she missed prayer as a way of settings intentions with words. So, spell writing became a way of continuing that practice.

In small groups, we shared things that needed focus or intention in our lives and then thought of imagery or physical properties tied to things. The group I was in wrote this spell together. I think of it as my “spell for wholeness.”

I have been surprised by how important these words have continued to feel since then. There is a deep sense of power that comes from knowing that they were made with others who are seeking healing as well. I share them here to share that power and this practice.

At it’s root I think this practice of collective intention-setting, reshaping how we see and move in the world is one of the most important tools we have for creating the future we want to see. I’m so grateful for Adrienne and all of the other teachers out there right now who are helping me and others to see our power and way towards groundedness. Shout out to Chani Nicholas too. If anything, 2017 done woke the witches.

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