We build our worlds with the words we use, the marks we make, the intentions we set, and the frames we create


Wrītan is a home for writings and reflections on race, love, culture, and perception. I’m an artist, writer and researcher who’s worked with progressive organizations on issues ranging from education, healthcare, transportation and the environment, to racial and economic justice. I have a background in art, education and neuropsychology. You can see more about me and some of my past projects — here.

Wrītan, pronounced “Writ-TAWN”, which means “to write, draw or engrave” in Old English — comes from when writing was done by carving runes into wood or stone. It is the root of the word ‘write’ and resonates because of my experience of synesthesia that blurs those lines, but also because it reminds me that things we think of as different — writing and drawing, were once thought of as one.

We build our worlds with the words we use and the marks we make, the food we eat, the intentions we set, and the frames we create — from how we as individuals and as a society, value and live in our bodies and our environments, to how power is used and constructed.

The systemic inequities we see today and the biases we have that stem from white supremacy, patriarchy and colonialism were created and leveraged to support a narrow narrative of the world and who we are in it — but that’s just one story. Wrītan is a place for exploring the multitude of ways we see and move in the world, and envisioning our possible selves and futures.

Ideas for submissions and collaborations welcome.

– Caitlin Gianniny